About Ursula Nasr

Ursula Nasr has a formal educational background in Fashion Design, and a separate Background in Economics. From a very young she showed a passion for The Arts, taking private lessons not only in Music, and Painting, but also Colour Theory – The study of Colors.

After University she did an internship at a reputable European Fashion House, and later went into retail, even starting her own company at the tender age of 25.

She also has experience in the Jewellery industry, notably high end International Semi-precious Jewellery on a Franchise level.

Over the Past Couple of years, she has withdrawn, giving her time only to Family, and allowing for her passion for the Arts to continue, she has set up this website to document her journey. She is an aficionada of the Arts, and whenever she is travelling with family, there is always a possibility to learn and be absorbed by the local artistry, past and present.

From studying about the Culture of The United Arab Emirates, such as Calligraphy, Poetry to Falconry, equestrianim and Architecture. Qasr Al Hosn was an inspiration for her and holds a special place in her heart. She has also spent time in The Lebanon, from the posh downtown areas to the ancient cities of Sidon, Tyre and Byblos, learning from the local merchants their artisanal works. While in Beirut, she also took the opportunity to dive into the Elie Saab line, and study the use of embroidery and lace on these dresses, hand made each in a separate manner.

In Paris, she spent time indulging in her love for Gabriel ‘CoCo’ Chanel, and surveying not only the streets and quarters that lead to the formation of The Chanel Line but all documentation, documentaries, exhibitions and information about the founders life. Ursula Nasr not only studied in-depth the life and experiences of CoCo Chanel but also the way she constructed her fashion line and how it’s creation had come about, the colours and geometry used.The reasons behind the Chanel Style and the influences that lead CoCo Chanel to design in such an avant-garde manner for her era. Paris also was an opportunity to expand her horizons at Musée du Louvre , spending many hours walking through corridors and inspecting techniques and the beliefs (whether religious or cultural) that lead to their creation.

Rome, Italy allowed for the surveillance of The Vatican Museum and the wealth of the art that it holds, from the churches of Rome with their Michelangelos and Caravaggios. Also to the architecture of the Ancient City and how the streets allow for the fusion of Ancient Roman ruins and the Modern Architecture of the Eur Area. In the Eur she obtained entrance into the new Fendi Palace – The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana built in the 1940s under the Mussolini regime, surrounded by large avenues and Boulevards. While in Rome she was lucky enough to encounter one of her personal inspiritators Stefano Gabbana.

Bruxelles, Belgium allowed for her to spend months studying the Flemish Art, Rubens of Antwerpen, Jan van Eyck’s Ghent Altarpiece and more notably Henry Clemens van de Velde who is considered the founder of The Abstract, being an avant-garde and naming paintings ‘abstract’ as far back as 1890. More notably he was also responsible for his influence on German Architecture, such as in Weimar. In Brussels she also visited the Fashion Museum which hold some of the most notable lace works of Europe , The Museum of Fine Arts, aswell as the Bozar: Palais des Beaux-Arts Also taking the opportunity to visit the birth home of Audrey Hepburn.

The study of Johann Pachelbel of Neurnberg, lead her to visit the City and it’s Cathedral on numerous occassions, where ‘Canon in D’ is considered the backbone of all modern music.

She went to Vienna to review his works there, such as at the Stephensdom Cathedral. While in Vienna she also visited the Belvedere on numerous occassions as one of her favorite artists is Klimt, and his influence on Viennese Culture is undeniable. From the Corridors and passageways of the natural treasury and the Hofburg Palace.

From Vienna onwards to Salzburg, numerous visits to this lovely city and the Hohensalzburg Castle – Salzburg Fortress and the birth home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Ursula Nasr has a passion for the Arts, whether it be modern, or ancient, she has a true and in-depth passion for creation whether it be sculpture, music, paint, carbon, sketch, and embroidery, silk painting and fashion design.

Ursula Nasr is not an artist as a profession, she is an artist out of aficionada, it is her passion in life, next to her family it is what makes it all the worthwhile.

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