The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists Brussels Inspirations

I was honored to be present At the Brucoda – The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists’ Exhibition held for the second time in Brussels 2017. The location was at Atelier29 a sumptuous and luxurious gallery located in the heart of the European Parliamentary District at Rue Jacques de Lalaing 29, 1000 Brussels; right behind the Place Schumann and the European Commission Building.

This year the number of participants increased from 9 to 24, and truly the level of professional artistry is one that matches the those of international galleries. The works on display were all above average and most of the artists have intense experience and knowledge of the specific processes they choose to portray their works of art: from Jewellery, to Oil on Canvas Paintings, to various techniques.

The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists’ Exhibition which can be found here:

‘In 2015 an interesting initiative saw the light.

A group of creative members of the Diplomatic Corps got together and founded the “Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists”.

Its aim is to connect artists in the Diplomatic community with each other and with local friends.

They held their first exhibition in Brussels in May 2016.

The Circle has now grown to more than 30 Members.’ – From the Official Website.

And here is the Mission Statement as taken from the Official Website:

The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists is a platform and a network for artistically creative members within the Diplomatic Corps in Brussels. It is inclusive in its nature and open for all fields of artistic creativity.

In supporting and encouraging diplomatic artists in Brussels, it connects them with each other as well as with other artists and friends here in Belgium. ALL Diplomats and Friends who are artistically creative and serious about their work are welcome in the Circle.

The Circle’s aim is to foster collaboration, cooperation and support amongst its members and promote goodwill between the Diplomatic Community and the people of Belgium.

The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists is envisaged to be more than just an event-organizing group… First ideas speak of an artist salon, a jour fixe, exhibitions featuring individual artists, workshops, get together’s and much, much more! A lively Circle of Diplomatic Artists and Friends…

To this effect the Circle intends to organize various activities. The upcoming exhibition/event is therefore not an end in itself. It is a step on the way, aiming to show all the creativity present in the Circle.

The Members as listed on the Official Website:

Some participants were family members of Foreign Diplomats in Belgium, others wives of Bilateral Ambassadors, Ambassadors to NATO and Ambassadors to the EU. Others aspiring artists and people present within the Brussels, and European art world.

The Supporting Partners of The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists Supporting Partners are – As taken from the Official Website:

Permanent Representation of Germany to the EU

Welcome to Belgium

Welcome to Belgium is an association for the members of the 
Diplomatic Corps accredited to H.M. the King, the European Union and NATO

Commissioner Brussels

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!! Let us hope to see more and more exhibitions in the years to come!


Property of Brucoda Official Website – Members Picture


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