Collage: Mixed Media Group Exhibition – كولاج: معرض لمجموعة من فناني الوسائط المختلطة –

The 15th of April marked the opening of the “Collage Exhibition” organized by the Tourism and Cultural Authority Abu Dhabi, and held at the Al Qattara Art Center based in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

This was an event, all the participants, had been anticipating and the preliminary works were thorough, the Persons’ behind the exhibition from the Tourism and Cultural Authority spent weeks organizing, and getting all the Art Works in on time, having them organized and set up for display to be ready on the opening day of the exhibition. I offer my deep respect for the organizers as theirs was not an easy job, and truly they spend long hours working and organizing, for what we all saw as the end result.

The Exhibition is based on “Collage Art Work” which is predominantly a fusion of various art forms, i.e. Collage, digital art, oil on canvas, materials – synthetic and natural, paper clippings and cut-outs. The various pieces and parts come together to form ‘one’ final artwork which is the end result of the many forms and functions, almost as an orchestra containing numerous musical instruments coming together to play the final symphony, all in unison, playing to the same tune – to produce one final result.

I was truly honored and touched to be able to be a participant in this exhibition, the other reason being is that I was not able to attend for personal reasons, and a Dear Artist Friend, who also participated, Mrs Sadie Sulaiman took pictures to send me of my artwork – and even went as far as posting my artwork on her Instagram Account. The later was such an act of compassion, that I truly had tears in my eyes, when I saw my artwork posted and liked on her Instagram. Mrs Sadie is a true artist and a wonderful person, and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Her once again for her act of friendship and kindness, towards me, and having made my absence from the opening, and the sadness I felt, disappear through her kind gestures.

You can peruse her artwork at :

The opening event was covered by Abu Dhabi Events, The Video may be viewed here:


Also there was a wonderful “Album Book” produced for the event by the name of:

 ‘ Collage Mixed Media Group Exhibition ‘ 

I also want to take this opportunity to Thank The Persons, in-charge of the exhibition from the Tourism and Cultural Authority Abu Dhabi, for allowing me – honouring me, by being a part of the “Collage Exhibition at the Al Qattara Art Center” – namely Mrs Sumayya Al Suweidi, Mrs Aysha Al Hemeiri and Mrs Aysha Al Aseeri.


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