‘A day in the honour of Ancient Egypt’

I recently had the chance to visit the Royal Museum of Mariemont under the patronage of “Welcome to Belgium” an Association founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium.

I would like to say Thank You once again to the “Welcome to Belgium” Association once more for the lovely event.

The Castle of Mariemont was founded in the 16th century and was initially a hunting park. During the centuries that followed, unfortunately, it was burnt to the ground on various occasions. Today just a small part of the ancient building is found standing adjacent to a newly built building; which at present functions as a museum. Surrounding the buildings is a gigantic and beautiful botanical garden; containing unique species from all around the world.

The Museum is one of the most renowned in Belgium, it continuously hosts well organised exhibitions.

We visited the “Gods, Genies and Demons in Ancient Egypt” exhibition. This Egyptian collection is the most profound in the Wallonia Section of Belgium and the second in the Country. The exhibition tries to answer questions like: What purpose did Religion serve to society in Ancient Egypt? What lies behind the idea of Dieties in Ancient Egypt? Why did they choose to represent their Deities in the form of animals, animal head with human bodies and vice versa?

I had the honour to meet Mrs Iman Helmy, the wife of His Excellency The Ambassador of Egypt to the Kingdom of Belgium. The event was organized and realised by her. This was one of those events, where there exists a perfect constellation of star alignment: Not only was the museum a jewel to attend, located within a magnificent botanical garden but the personal presence of Mrs. Iman Helmy really made it a perfect day!

Mrs Helmy was the perfect host, she truly went out of her way to make the tour of the museum, the conference before hand with leading Egyptologist and the luncheon with traditional Egyptian dishes, that followed, a day to remember.

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