The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists- Expressing Impressions Exhibition

Creativity takes courage

I recently had the honor of being invited to the opening of a unique Art Exhibition in Brussels which’s motto was “Creativity takes courage”. It’s a unique Vernissage that allows for Foreign Diplomats, residing in Brussels, to showcase their Art to the public. The Concept was originally initiated by a couple of German Diplomats who created it as a medium for themselves and their spouses, to channel their Art.

Thus ‘The Brussels Circle of Diplomatic Artists’ was established. The group’s first exhibition took place at The E-Gallery in the European Union’s Diplomatic Quarter of Brussels.

As I entered the gallery I realized the internal architecture, spacious and well lit, is perfect for this event. Mr Elmar Paltzer – who is responsible for the Exhibition– is meanwhile working as a member of The Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union in Brussels. Mr Paltzer welcomed the guests and explained the concept behind the exhibition. Many a gallery owner and art collector could learn from Mr Paltzer’s demeanor and conduct, he was the perfect host. Dr Jasmin Gong- Fleischer who is Professional International Curator curated the exhibition, she explained the paintings and introduced the artists.

During the vernissage Mrs. Gundi Thomas, a professional Concert Pianist, played beautiful classical music by Mussorgsky, Schumann, Schubert and Chopin to Dr Gong’s Vernacular.

The Artists are all Foreign Diplomats based in Brussels who paint in their free time but take art very seriously. Most are on the level of Full-time Professional Artists. They use Art to express their travels, feelings and impressions of each country they have visited. Their decision to exhibit their works to the public took courage from their side. I had the fortunate chance to be guided by artists who explained the story of their paintings and the techniques they used…….Oil on canvas, Acryl, Charcoal, Pencil, Soap Stone Statues……Colorful, Black and White….realistic and abstract. As an artist I was amazed at the composition of each piece of Art exhibited. The one phrase every participant repeated in various ways, was that they unanimously believe that ‘Art is a bridge across Nations and Cultures erasing all barriers and borders’…

I personally believe that this is hopefully a wonderful beginning of annual exhibitions, for years to come; and I wish all of them success and a bright future in the art world.

Responsible for the Project: Elmar Paltzer

Curator: Dr. Jasmin Gong-Fleischer

Concert Pianist: Gundi Thomas

Artists: Lin Chen-Boeckle

Thomas Gabriel

Yvonne Mesterhazy

Editha Motzko

Anita Schwab

Svanhvit Valgeirsdottir

Thomas Weich

Expressing Impressions Exhibition      20-21 May 2016

E-Gallery      29 rue Jacques de Lalaing 1040 Brussels Belgium

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