Etihad Modern Art Gallery Abu Dhabi

The Etihad Modern Art Gallery is one of My favorite Galleries in Abu Dhabi. I always enjoy visiting it whether it be for a special event, or just for the sake of seeing Art on display. I am inspired each and every time I go there. Today, was a normal day, actually raining, and not much to do outside. So, we decided, with my husband, to go to The Etihad Gallery. It is always such a calm atmosphere, and the painting on display today were soothing to the heart and mind. It is a place of peace and welcome, and I would anyone, art lover or other, to go and see for themselves.

There were a few painting, mostly oil on canvas up on the walls, but one was more special than the other. We spent a half an hour standing inside, admiring them.

My Husband’s favorite painting was actually still up on the wall, since it’s debut at the National Day Event. It is one of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, رحمة الله عليه

It is such a beautiful painting that one can stand and watch it, for a long long time, it eminates peace and tranquility. One the opposite side are found painting of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which are done in such a fine technique, that they almost look as though photographs rather than oil on canvas. These two paitings are perfect, in their definition, artistry, colour scheme and proportions. In the middle is a large size painting of three falcons, which are astounding to look at, they come alive, to the eyes, in colour and positioning; simply wonderful.

There are three paintings of animals that are done in a technique so genuine that it almost looks as though painted on sand, the fur of the Leopard, looks completely real. The Elephant, looks as though it is stepping out of the painting.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery is a Jewel to have in Abu Dhabi, a gallery anyone can visit, to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life, it is a small cosmos, a world in itself. After our viewing, we went outside to sit in the coffee shop, where the tables are made of antique sewing machines as legs, and crates of wood on top, very original and practical! To top it all off, while we were sipping our fresh watermelon juice, made then and there, a cat came strolling along and sat with us, on a chair. He didn’t really bother himself, and since we had no food to offer, he went about his business, sitting in the warm and comfortable arm chair next to ours, not disturbing himself with our presence next to him.

I think I have made a point, the one I wished to convey, this is a special Art Gallery, it is actually more, a social center, coffee shop and restaurant and or simply a place to go with friends and family to relax and unwind. I hope that it will be there for years to come, and always open to visitors, as it is a place of intrisic value and worth.

Etihad Modern Art Gallery

Bateen Area, Villa Number 4 – Al Falah Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

(It is right behind Al Bateen Mall)

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