My Submission for the Van Cleef & Arpels in collaboration with Tashkeel, Dubai – Emergent Designer Prize 2016


The Pearl – Wood, Mother of Pearl and Velvet Luxury Watch Winder

The proposed work is a tribute to the affluent cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. It is a coffee table sized wooden box carved hollow in the form of an Islamic Pattern (originating Kairouan and Hexagonal) used in Abu Dhabi to mark public areas. The wood used would be durable, heavy set and dark in color. In the center of the hollow box sits, a giant pearl, the outside of the giant pearl is in fact covered in mother of pearl. The Pearl can be opened to reveal a pure velvet surface housing three watch winder machines. The watch winders are designed for mechanical self winding luxury watches, and can be programmed to turn a certain rotations per time, i.e.. ‘rotations per hour’ to ensure that the specific watch according to the manufacturers directive is not over and/or under wound. The proposed work is specifically in tune to ‘nature’ as requested, using materials found within the United Arab Emirates, it is also a tribute to the heritage of the UAE such as pearl diving and carvings of Islamic Patterns. The elements of time, such as the watch winders are a symbol of the past, present and future, they wind the modern time pieces which symbolize time, and the deep culture of the UAE that has helped its advancement over the past 44 years. The timeless culture and heritage of the UAE which is in unison, symbiosis and synchronicity with the ultra modern present and future of the country.

The Pictures above illustrate the maquette of the Watch Winder and Blueprints. Also pictures of the reception held at The Van Cleef & Arpels Store located at the Dubai Mall.

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