The National Day Group Exhibition – معرض اليوم الوطني الجماعي

The National Day Group Exhibition – معرض اليوم الوطني الجماعي

Click For Video (Short Version): Short Video – Introductory

Click For Video (Long Version):  National Day Group Exhibition

I was recently Blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of a Group Exhibition on the Event of The National Day of the United Arab Emirates 2015.

The exhibition itself was open for participation to Emirati and Non Emirati Artists alike, the whole event had a very deep rooted feeling of our community. It was well received by the press, artists and the audience alike.

Some artist participating where numerous award winners and very well recognized nationally and internationally, others were less famous but still of the most professional standards.

For me, personally, it was the first time that I exhibited a ‘work of my art’, the reason that I was so honored that I was brought to tears when I received my invitation for participation is because I love the United Arab Emirates on a very deep level, and I felt honored and blessed to be able to have my first exhibition be tied to an event such as The National Day.

This event was not only about a community, firstly, people and then, secondly, artists, but also of our joint love for the Emirates and the Late Sheikh Zayed (may God Bless His Soul). There was a special feeling to this exhibition and I hope that it has touched each and every person’s heart who was connected to it, either as participant or viewer, as it has touched mine.

I am grateful for having been a part of The National Day Group Exhibition, it has made my life wealthier and I shall cherish it for the future, a memory, and tale to tell my children when I am old, about the first painting that I ever exhibited.

Thank You Abu Dhabi, Thank You Tourism and Cultural Authority for making my family’s and my life all that much better.


National Theatre Abu Dhabi

17th Street Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street, Al Etihad

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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