Russian Art Exhibition in Abu Dhabi – Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, is holding an exhibition unparalleled by any predecessors, when it comes to works of art originating from the Russian Federation.The Exhibition is hosted under the name of: ‘Soviet Art Exhibition in Abu Dhabi’.

My Family and I had the honor to visit the grounds, and were astonished by the most beautiful masterpieces on display, a real commemoration of the strength of character and spirit of the Russian People. It is an epiphany to the grandiosity and power of the collective soul of the Russian People in the times of the past and present.

The Exhibition is extremely well placed, spacious and grandiose, resembling more of a separate and whole museum, rather than an exhibition. It is a holistic approach to art, encompassing all that there is to know and learn from the century past about Russian history, art, politics, love, war, strength of a people and nation, it holds within it on an intrinsic level all of what Russia stands for from the personal level all the way up to the national level.

I would advise any and all to take advantage and grab at the opportunity to view the exhibition, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have such a wealth, abundance of the collective arts of the Russian Federation in one place, not to mention the luxurious and spacious ambiance that engulf the event. There is a book, specifically published for the event, that is an asset to every household, with all the works cataloged (bilingual Arabic and English) a must have for all art aficionados.

This exhibition is a jewel of the highest value, it is something that should lead the way to further cooperation in the years to come for Russian Art to be exhibited within the Emirates, there is so much to learn from these paintings and sculptures that a person being a finite being, can only get a small glimpse into the power of the Russian People and their history from such an exhibition, I truly hope that this shall be the first stone set in the paths of many exhibitions of such caliber and value in the future, this is truly one of the most beautiful foreign exhibitions to be on display in the United Arab Emirates this year.

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

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